commercial heating and plumbing systems

Our clients run hotels, warehousing & distribution, offices, care homes, farms, rental and holiday properties.

Commercial biomass systems

The most recent new systems are biomass-fired, and the clients are claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive. They consist of a large pellet-fired boiler feeding a buffer tank, with a manifold from the buffer providing energy to several separate heating systems, either radiators or air-blowers.  The heat output of the system is metered so that the client can claim the RHI payments.

For the main pipework, we use a mixture of fusion-welded plastic and copper. 

If you'd like to know more about a commercial biomass system, give us a call: 01938 552020 or drop us a line

For more information on the RHI, consult OfGEM's website, which has a lot of detailed information easily available.

For a well-insulated commercial building with underfloor heating, a heat pump would be another option to consider and would also be eligible for the RHI.

Egni o ffynhonel adnewyddiady ar gyfer adailadau masnachol a ffermydd

Ar gyfer fferm gyda parlwr godro, mae hi werth ystyried boiler biomas, fyddai'n bwydo dŵr poeth i'r tanciau presennol.  Mae egni o gnau coed (wood pellets) oddeutu 40% yn rhatach yr uned nac olew a thua 65% yn rhatach nac uned o drydan.  Fe all yr un boiler wresgoi adeiladau ar y fferm hefyd, gan gynnwys y tŷ, swyddfa neu gweithdy.  Am bob uned o egni a gaiff ei ddefnydio fel hyn yn, fe alwch hawlio taliad o dan cynllun o'r enw Renewable Heat Incentive.

Gall swyddfa, ffatri, warws neu gwesty, ysgol neu adeilad cymunedol hefyd fanteisio ar yr RHI.


Tŷ Hen Henllys, Talybont, Dyfed


Biomass boiler at Promotional Handling Ltd. and Bart, who's looking after it.


Manifold for distributing the energy from a biomass-fired boiler to a heating system consisting of radiators and air-blowers.


Flue for biomass boiler.


Commerical biomass boiler system: expansion vessels, riser valve, fuel lines, back of the boiler.


Riser valve for a biomass boiler - the dial shows it's partly open.


All the pipework has been lagged since the photo was taken.  The lagging is less attractive, but it's very effective.